Fragrance Collection

Signature Fragrance Collection

Your candle fragrance choice says a lot about your personality and because of that we strive to provide a variety of expertly-blended fragrances designed to warm your home and invigorate your senses. All of our fragrances are blended from premium, phthalate-free, natural fragrance and essential oils.

Amber Woods: Offers both a masculine side with woody, musk base notes paired with an enchanting fusion of sandlewood, herbs, and amber that provides lighter, feminine touch. A truly universal fragrance for him OR for her!

Apple Bourbon: A blend of fresh apples with just a touch of vanilla and maple, finished with a punch of smooth bourbon

Bali Teakwood: Earthy, with a balance of sweet and smoky aromas

Bellini: Brighten any room with the fragrance of glistening orange slices drizzled with white peach nectar – both beautifully balanced with dry notes of bubbly champagne

Cashmere: A clean, yet seductive blend of warm, woodsy Egyptian musk and enchanting spices with the subtle sweetness of cinnamon, orange blossom, and hints of anise

Champagne Pear: Bring the fragrance of citrus, melon and crisp apple orchards indoors with the blooms of champagne pear. The sweet florals of this fragrance are delicately balanced with champagne accents to create a light, clean scent.

Citrus Thyme: Spicy with hints of fruity sweetness with notes of thyme, grapefruit and lime

Cracklin’ Birch: Woody, masculine scent with hints of smoky spice

Driftwood: A woody, oceanic blend of brisk tumbleweed, basil and Tonka beans, balanced with clean, subtle notes of citrus florals, jasmine and lavender.

French Lavender: Soothing, fresh lavender fragrance with sweet apple notes

Limoncello: The perfect summer pick-me-up! This fragrance features spunky top notes of real lemon over warm base notes of vanilla and sugar for a lemonade-stand-fresh scent that will take you back to childhood.

Pomegranate Cider: Sweet, crisp scent with a hint of autumn – a customer favorite!

Revive: A refreshing blend of aromatic eucalyptus, spearmint and fresh melon.

Seaside: Fresh ocean breezes with a hint of tropical flowers

Smoked Berries: Make your mouth water with notes of tart, wild elderberries and huckleberries, combined with the sweet nectar of peach and apricot. A floral, woody heart-of-violet blends effortlessly with white florals wrapped in sandalwood to balance with the natural, fruity base of this delicious blend.

Sun-Washed Linen: Nostalgic and crisp with a clean scent of lemon and lime and a base of soft violet, lavender, and musk

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper: Sassy, strong and bold, this fragrance features a sweet citrus scent with a spicy finish

Vanilla Citrus: Sweet citrus notes paired with warm vanilla to create a smooth finish

Custom Fragrances

The following additional fragrances are also available by custom order or in our beer and liquor bottle product lines:

Cognac & Cubans: Aromatic blend of fresh lemon zest, velvety cognac essences, and rich, spiced tobacco leaves

Deadly Weapon: A rugged and masculine scent with the perfect balance of intense spices and a touch of sweetness.

Fresh Bamboo: An invigorating fusion of sweet bamboo, lush jasmine, and wild grasses, grounded with warm oak

Green Amber: Smoky, earthy scent with hints of oakmoss, bergamot, and violet

Oakmoss & Amber: A musky, woody scent with sweet citrus and sage notes that appeals equally to a masculine or feminine touch